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Ask Burton: I always thought Spring was the best time to plant, but recently I’ve heard that Fall is the best time. I want to add some more trees and shrubs to my landscape and wondered if you could clarify the best planting time?

Posted on September, 06


A: Fall IS the best time for installing pretty much any new tree or shrub that’s winter hardy in our area. It’s better than planting at any other time of year for the following reasons:

• Plants have time to get rooted before next summer – Winter is not a serious threat to most trees and shrubs in our area, but Summer weather can be hard on them. Planting in the Fall enables your new plants to establish strong healthy root systems throughout this Fall, Winter, and Spring so they can access more moisture by the time the weather turns hot and dry again next year. This will reduce your maintenance time spent watering your plants….and they’ll resist that summertime heat better.
• It’s easy to water – Cooler weather in Fall (and often more rain) makes it easy to keep your new plants well-watered.
• Little to no transplant shock – Even the best quality trees planted by skilled professionals can feel some stress from transplanting. The cooler Fall temperatures will minimize the stress that may occur when trees are transported and planted.

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