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Ask Burton: This week, a question involving common North Texas shrubs whose answer lies in understanding our soil and water. Q: I have purple loropetalum and ‘Sunshine’ ligustrum in a sunny, south-facing raised bed. They were planted early last year and did fine all summer. Now, the loropetalum is starting to show yellow leaves with green veins, and the ‘Sunshine’ ligustrum is losing tip leaves and the leaves that are there are stunted looking and tiny.

January, 18

A: This is a problem of soil pH. Most of the soil in our area is high pH, as is the water supply provided by the North Texas Municipal…

Ask Burton: This week, a rundown on how (and when, and why!) to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses. Q: My perennial garden is a mess after the freezes. When should I cut things back, and by how much?

January, 12

A: The answer depends upon the plants themselves.

Herbaceous perennials – Plants which have frozen all the way to the ground, and are not woody, should be cut back…

Ask Burton: Q: When can we start planting veggies in our garden?

January, 04

A: Now is the time to start planting some of your early-season vegetables!  Here are the first things to plant:

• Onions  – Plant sets directly in to the…

Ask Burton: Q: This week, rather than a question, we’re sharing a reminder about timely tasks…and one that’s already past time. Let’s see if we can fit it all in, preferably on a mild weather day!

December, 27

• We still have customers coming to the nursery asking for pre-emergent herbicides, but it’s just too late for them to do much right now. Please apply your pre-emergent…

Ask Burton: Q: I have a sprinkler system in my yard and I need to know what to set it for so I can put the yard out of my mind all winter. How long should I water, and how often during the winter once the temperatures really cool down?

December, 20

A: Any hard and fast number to set your sprinkler on all winter long would automatically be wrong, but here are some rules to work by:

  1. Trees, shrubs,…

Ask Burton: Q: We just bought a new house that has very little landscape and we would like to plant some shrubs and trees to make the house look prettier. Can we do that now or should we wait until spring?

December, 14

A: Winter is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs in North Texas! It’s better to plant during the cool season than in the spring or summer,…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re keeping your ornamental cabbage and kale looking their best. Q: I plant ornamental cabbage in my front bed every year, and it looks nice all winter. But this year, my cabbages look like they’ve been shotgunned! They’re covered in holes, to the point where their leaves look like fishing nets. What’s happening, and how do I stop it?

December, 07

A: You are being visited by cabbage loopers. You may have seen the small white moths flying around the cabbages, and we’ve had an exceptionally long season of them…

Ask Burton: Q: When do I prune back my perennial beds?

November, 29

A: We can help! This is how we tend to break them down.
• Prune before hard freezing weather – any tender perennial! Lantana comes to mind, and…

ASK BURTON: Q: I had a Chinese Pistache planted in my yard a few years back, and I have a question about how it colors for the fall. My neighbor has one in their yard and it gets great orange and reddish color, but mine has been unimpressive, turning yellow and orange but not much red color. Any idea why this is so different?

November, 23

A: Fall color questions are one of those types of questions where there probably isn’t one single reason, but several factors which can contribute to how well a particular…

Ask Burton : Q: I have a new home this year, with new landscaping. The builder installed drip irrigation with our new plantings, but I still had plants burn up this summer despite running my system for fifteen minutes a station every day. Do I need to install spray heads before replacing them?

November, 16

A: Although it’s possible your irrigation system has a break or other reason to not function properly, there’s a more likely reason you’re having a difficult time. Let us…