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Ask Burton: Q: I’ve heard that pansies are the best flowers I can grow in my sunny flower beds for fall and winter color. When should I tear the summer flowers out and plant pansies?

September, 30

A: Pansies are a great “cool-season” flower for North Texas, and though they don’t like hot weather, they do grow much faster in warm weather. Basically, pansies planted in…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re talking the lawn again – and how to head off a problem before it becomes serious. Q: I have a St. Augustine lawn and I’m starting to see irregular brown spots in it; the runners are still mostly green, but the leaves of the grass are rotting off right at the base, against the runner. This happens almost every fall, and I’d like this problem to go away. What is this, and how do I stop it?

September, 24

A: This sounds like brown patch, a common turf disease in the fall in North Texas. It can affect other grasses as well, but is most common on St.…

Ask Burton: Q- I have an established Japanese maple which had its edges burned by the summer heat this year; also, several newly planted shrubs that also had small amounts of damage from drying out as well. I watered twice a week all summer; do I need to increase my watering now?

September, 16

A: You might, but let’s ask a couple of questions first.

• Has the watering been adequate on the days you watered? Sprinkler systems will rarely water newly planted…

Ask Burton: Q: I always thought Spring was the best time to plant, but recently I’ve heard that Fall is the best time. I want to add some more trees and shrubs to my landscape and wondered if you could clarify the best planting time?

September, 08

A: Fall IS the best time for installing pretty much any new tree or shrub that’s winter hardy in our area. It’s better than planting at any other time…

Ask Burton: Q: Now that we are getting towards the end of summer, when do I need to fertilize again?

September, 01

A: It’s September so you should fertilize now! The fall feeding is the most important of the year; new growth in the spring is fueled by the food stored…

Ask Burton: Q: This week, instead of a question, we just wanted to pass on a quick piece of advice on lawn and landscape watering.

August, 26

It may not feel like it quite yet, but temperatures are about to cool down substantially! With that, please keep in mind that your plants will need some attention…

Ask Burton: Q: I hear that using a pre-emergent herbicide will help me to keep weeds from coming up in my lawn grass during the fall and winter. What do you recommend and when should I apply it?

August, 18

A: To head off weed issues while they’re still a non-issue, now is the time to start applying pre-emergent herbicide!

The best time to apply pre-emergent for the fall…

ASK BURTON: Q: We planted this Japanese maple in the spring. It just recently began looking distressed with some brown leaves. The tree is getting full morning sun but nothing past noon. Is there anything I can do to help it?

August, 11

 A: Your plant is showing some heat stress getting established this first summer, but you haven’t done anything wrong in its maintenance. Japanese maples are one of our most…

ASK BURTON: Q: I have a line of Texas sage in my landscape, and they’re not all looking their best. They are getting a black residue on the stems, and have become rather thin. The plants are in a bed next to my house and I planted begonias and pentas in front of them this year. Those flowers look great! Any advice on how to fix the Texas Sage?

August, 04

A: Your plants have two issues, and one led to the other.

Your bed has likely stayed far too wet for the tastes of this drought loving plant! Texas…

ASK BURTON Q: My crape myrtle is dripping sap, isn’t blooming right, and generally just looks tired. There are also tiny white dots up and down the branches. How do I fix this?

July, 28

A: This pest is crape myrtle bark scale which sucks sap from the plant, making it less vigorous and reducing bloom. Sticky residue from the insect coats branches, stems,…