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Ask Burton Q: My bougainvillea grows like crazy but doesn’t bloom very much – how can I fix this?

April, 09

A: Bougainvillea are accustomed to wet and dry cycles of growth – for several weeks, bougainvilleas grow quickly – it’s only once they begin to dry out that they’ll…

Ask Burton: Q: I want to get my flowers and patio tomatoes off to a good start this year. What do you recommend as far as potting soil and fertilizer when I plant?

March, 31

We recommend two Covington’s brand products that we have had formulated especially for North Texas gardeners:

• Covington’s Premium Flower & Garden Fertilizer – Our easy to use Premium…

Ask Burton: This week, we’ve been asked questions due to the winter storm. After a month to observe how the plants are recovering, this is what we’re seeing.

March, 24

Palms – Palms which were covered are generally OK. Palms that were not protected from the freeze did not do well. Many have died or at least been seriously…

Ask Burton: This week, a question of Fruit Tree spraying Q: Last year, my peaches all had worms inside – I didn’t get very many of them. How do I stop this from happening again this year?

March, 17

A: It’s time to spray. For the best results, most fruit trees should be sprayed at specific times of year to prevent many of the issues common to them.…

Ask Burton: When do I Plant My Tomatoes?

March, 10

A: This question is one whose answer can vary, wildly. If you ask ten gardeners when to plant your tomatoes, be prepared for nine different answers!

Our average last…

Ask Burton: Is it time to start fertilizing?

March, 02

This week, it’s time to start fertilizing! Trees and shrubs should be fed now, and then the lawn toward the end of the month. Even your houseplants are hungry…

Ask Burton: How do we deal with cold-damaged plants? We’ve been asked this dozens of times in the past few days, so here’s an overview of what you should expect.

February, 24

  • Do not act in haste with your pruning and cleanup. Completely dead material can be removed, especially if the stems of the shrubs have frozen and split. But…

Ask Burton: This week, a question of weed control. It’s time for pre-emergent now, of course, but what to do about the problems that sprouted last Fall?

February, 02

Q: My yard is half-green with weeds and small, soft grasses, none of which are my actual turfgrass. You’ve told me about applying pre-emergent this month to…

Ask Burton: Q: I planted a vegetable garden last year, but certain crops didn’t produce well. I think it’s because the bees didn’t come since I had great looking squash plants that flowered, but just never made worth mentioning. How can I get the bees to visit around my vegetable garden?

January, 26

A: There’s more than one thing to look at for an answer. First of all, we commonly have to spray squash to keep the squash bugs from destroying them.…

Ask Burton: This week, a heads-up on important tasks to finish in the landscape.

January, 20

Pre-emergent herbicides – Starting in February, it’s time to apply pre-emergent herbicides to stop most of the weeds before they sprout. Apply Dimension herbicide at 35# per 7,500 sq.…