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Ornamental Trees

Posted on July, 10

Smaller ornamental trees are an easy way to add height and beauty to your landscape or garden, and Covington’s has one that’s just right for your space.
Japanese Maples are perfect for a shaded landscape. There are shorter, weeping varieties Like Crimson Queen or Orangeola, both of which stay under 10 feet and have delicate fern-like leaves in shades of red and burgundy. Taller, upright varieties, like the Coral Bark (red bark with bright green leaves) or the Bloodgood (burgundy leaves), grow to 15 or 20 feet over time. Paperbark Maples (20 to 25 feet), with their thin sheets of peeling bark, work great under larger trees.
For your sunny area, consider the tropical yellow blooms of a Texas Bird of Paradise (4 to 6 feet), or a Shoal Creek Vitex (15 to 20 feet), which blooms lavender spikes off and on throughout the summer. A Texas Mountain Laurel (15 to 18 feet) produces big purple clusters in the spring, and keeps its leaves year-round. If you want to add some contrast to your leafy plants, try a Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar. It has icy-blue evergreen needles and will get 8 to 10 feet tall.
We have hundreds of other options as well, like Crape Myrtles, dwarf Magnolias, Desert Willows, Mimosas, Ginkgos, Flowering Peach and more. Visit the nursery and speak with one of our tree experts or check our online inventory and find your favorite new tree today!