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New Arrivals – Week of August 22nd

August, 25

Fall is just ahead, and it's the best time of year to plant! Gorgeous annuals & perennials, trees, vines, succulents & sedums, flowering shrubs and houseplants have just arrived at Covington's.  Here’s a sample of some of the plants that are new or expected in the coming week:    

  • Abelias (Kaleidoscope, Radiance, & Rose Creek)
  • Bloom-a-thon Azaleas  (red, white, double pink)
  • Lil’ Kim Althea (aka dwarf Rose of Sharon) – Red, Violet, White
  • Encore Azaleas (several varieties)
  • Nellie R. Stevens Holly\
  • Woodlanders Hardy Bottlebrush
  • Boxwood (Baby Jade & Baby Gem)
  • Loquat
  • Jubilation Gardenia
  • Crape Myrtles (Mystic Magenta, Ebony & Ivory, Plum Magic, Red Magic)
  • Desperado Sage
  • Sunshine Ligustrum
  • Indigo Flair Mahonia
  • Indian Hawthorne (Pinkie & Dwarf Umbellata)
  • Snow-N-Summer Asiatic Jasmine
  • Double Knock Out Red roses
  • Blue Point Juniper
  • Sweet Autumn Clematis
  • Autumn Blaze Maple
  • Ferns – Maiden Hair, wood, asparagus.
  • Ground cover – creeping Jenny, creeping fig, ivy (several varieties), liriope, Asian jasmine, ajuga, mondo & dwarf mondo grass, purple jew & more
  • Houseplants – Neanthe Bella Palm, Red Prayer plant, Monstera Deliciosa, Bonnie airplane plant, philodendron (Lickety Split, Xanadu, Rojo Congo, Selloum), sansevieria (Lauren, Laurentii, Yellowstone), pitcher plant, desert rose, “Heart” hoya, string of pearls, Ficus (several varieties), pothos, Anthurium, ferns (Green Flame, staghorn & prickly holly), fiddle leaf figs, and more
  • Assorted Sedum & Succulents including Karola euphorbia, Bunny Ears cactus, Mangaves (several varieties), Echeveria Gilva, Fairy Castle cactus, ice plant,  kalanchoes,  Autumn Joy sedum and much more
  • Fall Veggies –Artichoke, Arugula, collards, kohlrabi, rumex, Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, shallot, hot & sweet peppers, squash, and pumpkin….start planting kohlrabi, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and shallots now!
  • Herbs –Basil, lemon verbena, lavender, mint, oregano, lemon thyme, chives, rosemary, parsley & more
  • Perennials – Crotons, Flax lilies, Caryopteris, Aster Kickin, hosta , guara, Mexican heather, Turk’s cap, rudbeckia, skullcap, Siam curcuma, elephant ears, butterfly bush, various salvias, oxalis, and more
  • Annuals –  Fall petunias, angelonia, cordyline, plumeria, marigold, plumbago, tropical hibiscus, bougainvillea, scaevola, dianthus, Cora vinca, pentas, zinnias, ornamental peppers, and much more
  • Gorgeous selection of Color Bowls, Hanging Baskets  & Flower Combo Pots

Go to our Inventory List for all of the trees, shrubs, vines, and ornamental grasses we have in stock. List includes sizes, prices and new arrivals for your convenience. See our Gardening Tips & Articles and In Bloom Blog for helpful planting tips and check us out on Facebook to see lots of pictures of what’s in stock.