Tips on What to Do for Your Plants as The Temps Drop!

We all love our mild Texas Fall and Winter, but there are still things you should know and do for your plants before we get down to much cooler temps. Check out this Chilly Checklist and keep your plants happy and healthy throughout winter.

-Young or newly planted plants don’t take hard freezes if they’re dry, so thoroughly water new plants before a severe cold. Give the plants adequate time to drip dry before the actual freeze, and turn off your sprinkler system so it doesn’t accidentally operate during a freezing night. You can also cover plants with proper frost cloth— but do not use plastic; this can cause more harm than good.

-Plants in containers are less cold tolerant than plants in the ground, which is perfectly logical, as their root systems are far less insulated. Don’t be afraid to roll your containers planted with fresh young plants into the garage for a few days if we have a genuinely severe cold snap or ice storm in the forecast, or cover them with frost cloth when needed.

-Some plants cannot tolerate even the warmest winters, like Bougainvillea, Tropical Hibiscus, and Plumbago. Either over-winter these plants inside or treat them as annuals.

For any other winter concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at 972-475-5888 EXT. 2, and we’ve got plenty of frost cloth if you need it!