The Irresistible Japanese Maple!

Japanese Maples are one of the most favored ornamental trees we sell. There is a wide variety to choose from, and it can make selecting just one a real challenge!

There are weeping and upright varieties to give you completely distinct looks in your landscape, and leaf textures range from the delicate, finely cut “laceleaf” type, to the classic maple shape that everyone fancies. Best of all, the foliage colors are exceptional. You can choose from the deepest crimson to the most brilliant chartreuse greens and everything in between.

Now is a great time to pick out your new Japanese Maple and get it planted to enjoy the spectacular spring color!

Be sure to place your new tree in an area protected from the afternoon sun. Also, use Covington’s soil builder to help your new tree thrive when planting it. 

Check our Inventory here to see what varieties we have in stock.