Savannah’s Plant of the Week – Variegated Agave Americana

Few things are as impressive as a full-grown Agave Americana (Century Plant)! At up to 6 feet tall and 10 feet wide, they’re a wonderful tangle of toothy, tentacle-like leaves. What could possibly make them any more interesting?? Stripes can, and that’s why Savannah chose the Variegated Agave Americana as her plant pick of the week.  Showing off green leaves with bright yellow margins, it will slowly reach the same maturity size as its well-known cousin. This beautiful succulent will tolerate heat, sun, drought, and poor soils like a champ, which is why they’re found in harsh terrains in the Southwestern US and Mexico.

Americanas vigorously produce pups, which are super easy to remove and re-plant elsewhere. Or you can leave them alone and grow a stunning mass of yellow and green rosettes. In 10 to 20 years, they will produce a tall and striking bloom stalk, and then it’s off to that succulent garden in the sky……

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