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Sammy’s Plant Pick of the Week – Kaleidoscope Abelia

Posted on December, 31

Sammy’s Plant Pick of the Week is the brilliantly colored Kaleidoscope Abelia. This compact evergreen shrub boasts shades of green, yellow and orange throughout warmer months, and bumps up the reds and oranges in fall and winter, displaying a kaleidoscope of color year-round. It tops out at about 2.5′ tall and 3.5′ wide, and grows low to the ground, in a mound shape, making it perfect for a foundation plant, low hedge, or dramatic ground cover. It features little white flowers in summer and attracts pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies. This hardy, versatile shrub is one of our best-sellers! Let Sammy show them to you in person, or check our online inventory for prices and quantities.