Redbuds: Ushering in Spring!

Redbuds are one of the earliest flowering trees and they let us know spring is not far away. They give a triple whammy of color: purplish-red buds, followed by fluffy blooms in shades of pink, then the leafy finale of gorgeous heart-shaped foliage in an array of colors from gold to green to burgundy.  Some redbuds are upright, like Burgundy Hearts, Merlot, and Oklahoma and others are weepers, Like Travellers and Ruby Falls, which provide a unique look even in winter after they’ve lost their leaves.

Redbuds grow to a wide range of sizes, and they make for stunning specimen in your yard or landscape, giving a color spectacle that will wow your whole neighborhood.  See all of our sizes and varieties (which are just now budding out) in our  online inventory here, then pick out your favorite so you can enjoy the show!