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Plant of the Week – Bubba Desert Willow

Posted on July, 13

We love Bubba Desert Willows, and they have become a highly sought after tree thanks to our hot dry summers, especially because of their care-free beauty.

Bubba is a fast growing deciduous tree that reaches 15 to 20 feet tall and wide, with a graceful open canopy of narrow, willow-like leaves.  It’s leaves are larger and darker green than most desert willows, and it blooms big vibrant burgundy and lavender two-tone trumpet shaped fragrant blossoms from late spring through summer. Bubba Desert Willow is great for our area because it loves full sun and heat, has low water requirements once established, and is adaptable to most soils, so long as it is well-drained.

Like crape myrtles, vitex, and other heat/drought tolerant plants, desert willows can be planted in the summertime. We currently have several sizes in stock.  Check invetory here.