Now is The Time to Start Your Veggie Garden!

Planting dates for the first vegetables in your garden are earlier than you may think. Don’t wait until Spring….for best results, plant onions in January thru mid-February, then shortly thereafter plant potatoes, asparagus, and other cool-season veggies when they become available.  Asparagus crowns, several types of onions, potatoes and other cool season vegetables are starting to arrive now. Check out our helpful chart of Vegetable Planting Dates for North Texas.

See our Gardening Guide – Edible Gardening Section for helpful articles on planting and harvesting onions, asparagus, and potatoes.  Pick yours up today, and don’t forget soil amendments and fertilizer you may need to get your veggies growing. Let us know if you have questions and make plans to attend our upcoming Gardening Classes for more information.