Lynne’s Plant Pick of the Week – Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorns are a favorite with Lynne due to their springtime flush of flowers in clusters of white and shades of pink, but also because they are evergreen shrubs, so they look good throughout every season. They grow naturally in a neat rounded shape, so pruning is not generally needed.

Indian Hawthorns have dark green leaves, and most have blue-black berries once the blooms fade away in the spring. Their flowers attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Plant them in full sun to keep them blooming each spring and to retain their thick foliage.

There are several varieties, from the smallest that reach only 2-3 feet tall such as Calisto, to the large Majestic Beauty, which we sell in shrub form (grows to 8-10 feet tall) or as an ornamental tree (can grow to 15-25 feet tall). Indian Hawthorns can be used as foundation plantings, hedges, privacy screens, or individual accent plants, depending on the variety you select.


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