New Landscape for Mary & Craig’s New Home

For the past 11 years, I’ve been writing articles about all the folks who have trusted Covington’s to design and install the landscapes of their dreams. Well now it’s my turn to share with you first-hand what an incredible job Covington’s did with my own landscape.

My husband Craig and I met with Steve Malone, one of Covington’s fabulous landscape designers, while our house was being built in Sunnyvale. We shared with him everything we could about what we had in mind for our landscape and that we were going to have a pool and covered cabana (outdoor kitchen/living area) built too. Steve drew up a plan for our beautiful new front and back landscape beds and he included the shape and dimensions of the pool and cabana so we could provide that for the pool company to follow.

Our home builder was required by the HOA to install a landscape in front of the house…it was skimpy and looked awful, but we had to live with it until the pool and cabana were finished and Covington’s could come to work their magic. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll close by saying we love the look of our landscape and never get tired of hearing all the compliments we receive! Check out some of our before and after pictures, then pick up your phone and call Covington’s Landscape Services Team at (972) 475-5888 Ext. 5 to meet with a designer and get started on the landscape of your dreams!  See our Landscape Services Portfolio to get ideas for your new landscape.  [masterslider alias=”ms-13-2″]