Joe and Sonia’s Plant of the Week – Teddy Bear Magnolia

Sonia and Joe just had to share a hug with our plant of the week: The Teddy Bear Magnolia. This dwarf Southern Magnolia shares the same glossy green leaves, with velvety brown undersides, as its larger relatives, but won’t grow to such extreme heights (16’ to 20’ tall & 10’ to 12’ wide). It can be used as a small tree or large shrub, depending on the way it’s pruned, and provides a fantastic privacy screen if planted in a row. Urban gardens and small yards can prominently display this stately piece, and it makes a lovely accent in larger landscapes. And of course the Teddy Bear boasts the iconic white blooms you can smell down the block!

Visit us in Tree & Shrub today to see the gorgeous 7-gallon Teddy Bears we just received (as well as other sizes in stock), or check our online inventory for prices, sizes, and quantities.