Jocelyn’s Plant Pick of the Week – Arizona Star Agave

These Arizona Star Agaves are massive and gorgeous and pokey and wonderful and that’s why they’re Jocelyn’s Plant Pick of the Week! These sun-loving beauties will slowly grow up to 5′ tall and 8′ wide, and boast a rosette of tentacle-like leaves in yellow and chartreuse. They’re fantastic for xeriscapes, or any landscape as long as you don’t over-water them! At maturity the Arizona Star will sprout a 20-foot-tall branched stalk of yellow flowers, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen; it will take many years. It’s one of the cold hardier varieties of agave and can withstand temps down to 10 degrees F. This agave is easily one of the most lovely and low-maintenance plants you could ever own! See these impressive specimens in person or check our online inventory for sizes, prices and quantities here.