Hannah’s Plant Pick of the Week -Sedum & Succulents!

Hannah is bananas for all these Sedum & Succulents, her Plant Pick of the Week! Everyone loves these low-water, low-maintenance beauties, and the Desert Deck here at the nursery has become a sizzlin’ hot destination for lovers of these delightfully quirky plants! Like succulents, sedum is a fleshy plant , and many of its varieties grow low and outward, cascading beautifully over the edge of a pot, or making a great groundcover. And succulents come in every size, shape and color under the sun, with cool varieties like Sempervivum, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Aeonium, Aloe, Haworthia, Crassula, and tons more! Come by and let Hannah or any of our staff show you these and loads of other succulents and sedums on the Desert Deck!

Coral Reef Sedum                            Flap Jack Plant                Haworthia Fasciata


Panda Plant                                     String of Dolphins                               Chinese Hat


Red Stem Portulaca             Echeveria Preta                           Lemon Ball Sedum


The hot spot for cool customers

Hannah is holding (left to right) Crassula Falcata, Echeveria Gibbiflora, & Ogon Sedum.