Greg’s Plant Pick of the Week – Green Banana Tree

Greg is dreaming of a Tropical Paradise, but he didn’t have to go further than our test bed to find it! His Plant Pick of the Week is this gorgeously lush Green Banana Tree. Gigantic, emerald leaves add tropical flare to your landscape, and are perfect for patios and poolscapes. Pair them with palm trees, hibiscus, or oleander and whisk the family to an island getaway in your backyard!

Green Banana Trees are fast growing, get up to 15 feet tall, and will spread, creating a beautiful summer privacy screen. You can even dig up the bare-root stalks and plant them elsewhere or give them to friends. Don’t count on them to supply your banana daquiris though; if they do produce bananas, they won’t be very tasty. Since we can get pretty cold in North Texas, cut them back before winter and mulch over them, and come spring you’ll see lovely little green shoots coming up. They’re super easy to plant, require very little maintenance, and are only $29.88 (daquiris not included). Swing in today and pick up your little piece of paradise!