Edible Gardening

Home grown fruit and veggies are delicious and nutritious, and it’s just cool to harvest your own food to eat! Gardening allows you to get some exercise, which may also lower your blood pressure, and it gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and well-being. Make it a family affair and get the kids involved. They’ll enjoy gardening while getting a great science lesson…and they may even ask for seconds on those vegetables they help to grow!

It’s time to get your garden started, and you can make it especially easy if you plant in raised beds or large containers. Here are some simple steps to a successful garden:

1. Choose a planting location with 6 or more hours of sun.
2. Prepare rich, well-drained soil by tilling in plenty of compost and expanded shale.
3. Plant veggies & fruit you and your family like to eat that are size-appropriate for the space you have.
4. Feed your plants with a good fertilizer.
5. Top dress your garden with 2 inches of mulch to control weeds and retain moisture in the soil.
6. Water as needed.

Come in today for veggies, melons, herbs, berries, grapes, fruit trees, and all the gardening supplies you need for your edible garden. Find helpful tips for a delicious and productive garden in the “Edible Gardening” section of our Gardening Guide.

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