Delyla’s Plant Pick of the Week – Oklahoma Redbud

Oklahoma Redbud is one of the most popular upright redbuds, and Delyla loves them for the vivid colored blooms!

This very ornamental tree has nearly year round interest…In spring, the branches are covered with deep pink buds and flowers that last much longer than most blooming trees. It’s heart-shaped, dark green, very glossy leaves appear after the blooms fade. The foliage takes on a yellow color in fall.  This redbud variety grows to 20-25′ tall x 20′ wide making it a favorite for small landscape situations.

We have Oklahoma and many other upright and weeping redbuds in stock now. Go to our Inventory and type the word redbud in the Keyword Search to see all of our redbud varieties, including sizes, prices, and in most cases pictures and descriptions so you can choose the right one for your landscape.