Ask Burton Q: My bougainvillea grows like crazy, but doesn’t bloom very much – how can I fix this?

A: Bougainvillea are accustomed to wet and dry cycles of growth – for several weeks, bougainvilleas grow quickly – it’s only once they begin to dry out that they’ll pause that growth, and come into the colorful bracts surrounding the modest flowers that they’ll produce. Keep your bougainvillea thirsty for the best blooming results. Water them only once the foliage begins to droop a bit and the plant really must be watered.

Your bougainvillea will need fertilization, but it’s important to not overdo. Too much nitrogen can cause loads of leafy growth that won’t give you the color you want. Fertilize every month or so. Make sure your bougainvillea gets plenty of sunshine, as this is also important for the process.

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