Abby’s Plant Pick of the Week – Fiddle Leaf Fig

Abby’s Plant Pick of the Week is one of the most popular houseplants around, the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata), so named for it’s glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves. These tropical trees are native to Western Africa, and love warm humid conditions. While they can’t tolerate cold climates outdoors, they can be grown as a houseplant anywhere. In nature, they can grow up to 50′ tall and will bear inedible figs, but inside they rarely produce fruit and usually top out at 10′ to 15′  (although really happy ones have been known to outgrow their homes). Fiddle Leaf Figs have a reputation for being a little finicky, but they are by no means impossible to take care of. They love bright, indirect light, and the more humidity your house has, the better. Let the soil dry some between waterings (not bone dry), and once you’ve got it in a happy spot, don’t move it, as this stresses the plant. Lastly feed with a water-soluble fertilizer during its growing season, and you’ll enjoy your Fiddle Leaf for years! Stop by our gift shop to see the different varieties and sizes we have, and see if Abby will play you a little tune!