Girl Scout Troop 7749 is making the world a better place!

The lovely ladies of Girl Scout Troop 7749 have been super busy lately being wonderful, compassionate human beings! These gals are Girl Scout Cadettes (grade 6 through 8) from Wylie ISD and Prosper ISD and are celebrating their 7th year together as a troop. They’re working toward the highest recognition that level can achieve: The Silver Award, which “gives you the chance to show that you are a leader who is organized, determined, and dedicated to improving your community.” Troop 7749 wanted to raise money and awareness for the homeless as well as victims of human trafficking, so they put together these gorgeous fall color bowls using festive ribbon and Mums, a staple of autumn decor. The group has already assembled and sold an impressive 200 pieces (trust us when we say we know how much work that involves), and raised a LOT of money for their charities. Their plan is to continue doing great things for their community, and next summer they will “Bridge” into being Seniors, and start working towards the Gold Award. We have no doubt that these exceptional young women will go on to do wonderful things and continue their record of working hard to improve the lives of others. Congratulations to all of the scouts in Troop 7749, and the parents and volunteers who are helping and mentoring them! You inspire all of us here at Covington’s!