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Butterfly Nectar and Host Plants

Butterfly Nectar Plants

As the name suggests, these plants are the ones that attract mature butterflies to feed on nectar, which is their primary source of food in this last stage of their life.


AbeliaConeflowerHeuchera (Coral Bells)PenstemonSunflower
AgastacheCoreopsisHoneysucklePentasTurk's Cap
Autumn Sage ( Salvia greggii)DaylilyLantanaPhloxVerbena
Bee BalmDesert WillowLavenderPincushion FlowerVitex
Black-eyed SusanDianthusLobeliaRudbeckiaYarrow
Blackfoot DaisyEsperanzaMarigoldSages & SalviasZinnia
Butterfly BushFirebushMexican Mint MarigoldScarlet Sage
CandytuftGaillardiaMilkweed (Butterfly Weed)Sedum
Citrus TreesGayfeatherMist FlowerShasta Daisy

Butterfly Host Plants

If a gardener wishes to support the butterfly populations from beginning to end, then host plants need to be incorporated into the landscape. Host plants are the plants on which adult butterflies lay their eggs and on which the caterpillars feed.

Althea (Rose of SharonDutchman's PipevinePassion Vine
Bird of Paradise
(Caesalpinia gilliesii)
Flame AcanthusRose Mallow
(Hardy Hibiscus)
Black-eyed SusanGaillardiaRue
Candle TreeInland Sea OatsTexas Sage
CannaMexican PetuniaWisteria
Citrus treesMexican Plum treeYarrow
(Butterfly Weed)
DillPineapple Sage

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