Gardening Guide


Dwarf Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana’
Very low growing habit that forms a tight groundcover. Foliage is dark green and holds its color well through winter. Nice in between rocks in walls and between patio pavestones.

3-4" tall x 12" wide

Part shade to shade


Lysimachia nummularia
Rounded green foliage forms low matting groundcover. Yellow flowers appear nestled among the foliage throughout the summer. Great for containers where it can be allowed to spill over the sides.

2-4" tall x 18-24" wide

Part shade

Purple Jew

Setcreasea purpurea
Nice, taller groundcover-type plant with lance-shaped, dark purple foliage. In summer, bright pink flowers emerge at branch tips. Nice in containers or as a border edging. Easy care and great color.

12" tall x 2-3' wide

Full sun to part shade


Sedum sp.
Low-growing, heat and drought tolerant perennial groundcover with fleshy, light green leaves and large clusters of bright yellow flowers in summer. Lots of varieties.

4" tall x 18-24" wide

Full sun

Vinca Major

Vinca major
Vigorous perennial evergreen widely grown for its showy lavender-blue flowers. Dense trailing stems are covered with dark green foliage throughout the year. Ideal for use as ground cover or on slopes to control erosion. Thrives in shady areas.

12" tall x spreading

Part shade to shade

Vinca Minor

Vinca minor
A perfect miniature of Vinca major with showy, lavender-blue flowers on trailing stems. Adds charming color to shade garden plantings and containers. Ideal for use as ground cover or on slopes to control erosion.

6" tall x spreading

Part shade to shade

Wood Violet

Viola odorata
A vigorous growing plant and an old-fashioned favorite enjoyed for its sweet scent. Beautiful blue flowers in summer. Makes an excellent edging or border plant. Valued for its nice foliage, as well.

6" tall x 8" wide

Part shade to shade

Purple Wintercreeper

Euonymus fortunei ‘Coloratus’
Trailing evergreen vine or shrub. Deep green leaves turn dark purple in fall and winter. Climbs by rootlets, can spread to 20′ or more. Heat tolerant. Easy to grow.

8-12" tall x spreading

Full sun to part shade

Wooly Stemodia

Stemodia tomentosa
Heat and drought tolerant Texas native that has small, wooly leaves and lavender blue flowers. It has a trailing habit which makes it perfect for spilling over rocks and walls or for covering large-scale areas.

4-10" tall x spreading

Full sun