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The Organic Yard

Making the Transition from Conventional Gardening

What is organic gardening? Ask ten people and you’re likely to hear ten different answers, but the best answer we’ve found to date is that the organic gardener focuses on natural, healthier, and sustainable gardening for the region in which they live, with an emphasis on preventing problems before they arise.

• Natural Gardening – Plant well-adapted, lower maintenance, or native plants whenever possible. Plants you use don’t have to be FROM here, but they need to do well here without heroic measures being taken.
• Healthier Gardening – Conventional pesticides and…

Top Ten Tried & True Ornamental Trees & Shrubs for North Texas

What Should I Plant?

So you’ve an area in mind to plant an ornamental tree, or a new shrub bed that needs a screening plant, or just want something that will give you amazing color… now, you just need to decide what that perfect plant will be! This guide is a quick rundown on some of our best ornamental trees and shrubs in North Texas, with eventual growing sizes, maintenance, and planting tips to get the best out of your new selections. We carry hundreds of varieties of different plants, and each has some look or function that makes…

Tree Care for the First Two Years

Congratulations on the purchase of your new tree! Your new plants will need extra care for the first two years while they are establishing healthy root systems. Below is an explanation of our planting procedure and your care instructions. Please call us if you have any questions.

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Each tree we install is planted higher than the natural grade to allow for settling. Our crews will inspect the root ball of your tree to make sure the root flare is exposed and at the…

Trees – Best Ones for North Texas – Selection, Planting, and Maintenance

Trees are wonderful things to have in a yard! This handout is all about the selection, planting, care and maintenance of shade and ornamental trees in your landscape. Above and beyond their beauty and aesthetic appeal, having several carefully selected and placed trees can provide you with the following benefits:

• A well placed shade tree can lower the roof and wall temperatures of your home by 20° or more in the summer; trees planted to reduce afternoon sun on your home can add up to significant savings on your summer electric bill! Plant deciduous trees for this purpose…

Vining Plants

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Selection, Installation, and Maintenance in North Texas
Vines fill a unique role in the landscape! A flowering vine in a bold position in the flowerbed is a striking vertical accent. Ivy along a shade-covered wall adds texture to boring brick. A free-standing trellis wall of vines are the fastest way to provide a narrow, space-efficient screen between you and whatever you’re looking to block line of sight to – a busy street, swimming pool, or whatever your particular screening need might be. Success with any vine begins with selecting the…

Warm Season Annuals

                                                WARM SEASON ANNUALS
Common Name Light Color Height (Inches) Spread (Inches) Peak Months
Ageratum Sun/PT Sun Pink, Blue, White 10-15 10-12 Mar-June
Alyssum Sun/PT Sun Purple, Pink, White 4 10-12 Feb-May
Alyssum – Snow Queen Sun/PT Sun White
Angelonia Sun Purple, White, Pink 10-14 12-14 Apr-Sept
Bacopa Shade/PT Sun White, Pink, Purple 8-12 8-12 Apr-Sept
Begonia-Shade Shade/PT Sun Red, Pink, White 8-15 10-15 Mar-Oct
Begonia-Sun Sun/PT Sun Red, Pink, White 8-15 10-15 Mar-Oct

Water Conservation Tips

Everyone wants to conserve water, so here are some tips on how you can use it more wisely on your lawn and landscape:

• Plant new trees (and shrubs) in fall or winter – Trees planted this time of year don’t need much water to get well set in before the next year’s summer heat. Trees can shade your home thereby creating a cooler environment and reducing summer air conditioning costs.  Plant trees now to save yourself a lot of work and water next year.
• Mix expanded shale and “Soil Moist” in with flowerbeds and containers – Expanded shale…