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Have You Ever Wondered Where Our Plants Come From?

Posted on January, 19

The build-up of new trees and shrubs at the nursery in late winter is one of our favorite times of the year. Starting in mid-January, the nursery begins getting tons of fresh new shipments. It started two weeks ago with all the new bare-root roses (we potted over 2,100 new roses last week), and an entire truckload of new fruit trees and berries arrived last week. Nearly everyday, we will have a fresh new truck of material. Today, it was a shipment of beautiful house plants, and tomorrow, there will be a giant shipment of tree form hollies and magnolias. It is exciting for us nursery lifers to see the new material and feel the promise of Spring that comes with them.

We get asked all the time, where do all these plants come from?!? And the answer is all 4 corners of the United States and everywhere in between. We order trees and shrubs from approximately 300 different vendors in 32 states to get the best material. Keeping up with who has the best material at any given time is one of the most challenging parts of the nursery business, and that is where Tommy comes in.

Tommy travels during off-season times of the year to ensure he can get the best plant material possible for you, our customers. Doing this requires trips all over the country where Tommy will personally tag and put his eyes on the plants that will eventually end up at the nursery and then in your yard. Tommy travels from Oregon (where he finds those beautiful Japanese Maples) to Florida (where he tags the best magnolias) and, of course, all the trips around our great state of Texas!

We invite you to take a look at these incredible, hand-picked shipments of plants arriving daily and find a new arrival to take home!