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We Sell Stone – The Perfect Addition to Your Landscape

Posted on June, 02

Stone boulders, flagstone, chop stone, and rock in your landscape design adds a touch of natural beauty that can change the presentation and feel of any residential landscape.
With their various sizes, shapes, and natural colors, boulders make captivating focal points in any garden or landscape setting.
Much smaller rocks, like river rock, can be used instead of mulch or to create a dry river bed, which will give your yard a unique appearance.
You can use flagstone to make pathways through your garden or in areas where grass will not grow, planting beautiful shade-loving plants around them.
Chop stone makes a stunning border around your flower beds instead of your typical metal or plastic edging, which will break down over time.
Using stone throughout your landscape, large or small, is a great way to give your yard a spectacular and more natural flair!