SIZZLING Summer Color!

It’s summertime, and it’s hot! But guess what?  You can still enjoy lots of color in your yard, even in this heat.   Yes, some bedding plants may struggle in the summertime, but typically this happens for a few reasons:
– Inadequate watering
– Not mulching around the plants to hold in moisture and protect roots.
– Planting spring flowers with the expectation they will make it all summer.
– Planting flowers in the wrong location
– Not fertilizing properly
Our Summer is ideal for a lot of bedding plants that love the heat. Some of these varieties include Zinnia, Pentas, Vinca, Purslane, Angelonia, and many more that will add vibrant color to your landscape all summer into early fall. You can add any of these to a pot as well, to add color in and around your yard.

Happy Planting!