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We Sell Stone – The Perfect Addition to Your Landscape

Posted on May, 11

When you are thinking about ways to decorate your garden and landscape, think stone. It’s extremely easy care, in fact it requires no maintenance what so ever! It’s naturally beautiful, has no pest or disease problems, and does not require water or fertilizer. Maybe the best thing of all is that stone has no sun exposure requirement. It can survive in the hottest sun, but perhaps even better, it can endure the deepest shade. So when your grass starts dying out under your big shade trees from lack of sun, use stone and different plants to create a totally new look complete with pretty shade beds and walking paths.

Check out the pictures below for ideas on how to utilize flag stone, river rock, boulders, and chop stone to create pathways, patio/sitting areas, dry creek beds, garden seats, landscape borders and more. Covington’s carries the different types of stone you’ll need to craft all the beautiful landscape accents you can imagine for your yard.