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Warm Season Flowers for Sunny Flowerbeds

Posted on May, 20

There is a large and beautiful assortment of annual flowers you can choose from to add bright color to your sunny flowerbeds and containers.  Some of the most popular include pentas, supertunias, zinnias, vinca, angelonia, marigolds, bronzeleaf begonias, blue daze, lantana, moss rose, and celosia.

Before planting flowers, be sure to amend your soil by mixing compost and expanded shale, or Covington’s Soil Builder (pre-mixed compost, expanded shale & greensand) in to it.  This will help to break up the clay, and give you the fluffy, nutritious soil that you’ll love to  plant in and your plants will thrive in.

Feed your flowers with a slow release fertilizer such as our Covington’s Flower & Garden fertilizer which was formulated especially for North Texas soils.  Top dress your flowerbeds with a 2″ layer of mulch to help retain water, reduce weeds, and give your landscape a lovely finished look.  Then water your flowers as needed and enjoy the beautiful color!

See the pictures below and then come on in and pick your favorites….we’ve got them all.