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Sammy’s Plant Pick of the Week – Beaked Yuccas

Posted on March, 25

You should always take time to appreciate those unique, one-of-a-kind things in life, things like local legend Sammy and this Triple-Trunk Beaked Yucca. Yes Sammy is an original, but our eyes are on this stunning,  Beaked Yucca, also known as Yucca Rostrata. It will slowly form stout trunks up to 10 feet tall and sports 2 feet long bluish green spike leaves. In summer it will bloom a large, showy crown of white flowers. These yuccas are more commonly found as single trunks, but there are multi-trunk and multi-headed ones too! All of them are quirky statement pieces, offering a distinctive look to your landscape; people even use them in place of palms. Check inventory here for availability, and you’re welcome to see them in person in the sunshine and open air, or order these and everything else we sell by phone at 972-475-5888 Ext. 2.