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Plant of the Week – Feelin’ Sunny & Feelin’ Blue Patio Trees

Posted on September, 12

Feelin’ Sunny is an exclusive new introduction with bright, golden yellow foliage that will infuse your landscape with warm tones. This distinctive dwarf cedar is stunning when planted to contrast with darker green-leaved trees or shrubs. These naturally low-growing Feelin Sunny deodara cedars have been trained into upright patio trees and they’ll make an outstanding accent or specimen plant in the landscape or in a large container.

Feelin’ Blue is another unique spreading evergreen, but it has dramatic blue-green needles. The lowest of the dwarf cedars, these are a wonderful conifer for smaller spaces, rock gardens and containers….the perfect topiary when trained  like these to a tree-form.

Both of these deodara cedars have beautiful color and unusual form which creates a very eye-catching focal point. Either of these unique little trees would be a gorgeous addition to your landscape and the envy of all of your neighbors.