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Amberly’s Plant of the Week – Holiday Cactus

Posted on November, 15

Amberly loves the Holiday Cactus, because they are just as bright and cheerful as she is!

This group of plants is called Holiday Cactus because they bloom during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter seasons. These cacti are epiphytes, non-parasitic plants that grow not in the soil but on another plant or structure. Varieties of Bromeliads, Air plants, and Orchids also fall into this category, and similarly Holiday Cacti are found clinging to rain forest rocks and trees, thriving on the minimal light that filters down through the forest canopy. They will grow in pots, but having excellent drainage and light are critical for success. Bright morning light works best, and closer to its blooming season, you may have to help it along by keeping it in the dark for part of each day. Unlike their desert-dwelling cousins, these cacti must be kept damp, allowing them to dry slightly between waterings.

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