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New Japanese Maples Have Arrived!

Posted on September, 19

Japanese Maples create a great focal point for your shade garden! There are varieties of colors that range from shades of green, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, and variegated, and they put on an exquisite showcase with their fall color change. Whatever type you choose will add a captivating presence to your landscape! Its maturity height can be anywhere from 5′ to 25′ tall, with growing habits that can be weeping, miniature, or tall, and a leaf shape that can range from thin and lace-like, to broad and palm-shaped. Be sure to plant this magnificent tree in the morning sun, because the afternoon sun is too hot during our Texas summers.
We have a large selection of different varieties, some of which are hard to find!
Come and pick yours out soon so you can enjoy the waterfall of colors this fall.

Check out our inventory here. We have over 20 varieties!



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