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Host Fritillary Butterflies in Your Garden

Posted on July, 27

If  you want beautiful orange butterflies fluttering throughout your yard you need Passion Vine. It is the host plant for Fritillary butterflies (which means they will lay their eggs there), then the tiny larvae will hatch and start eating the plant for nourishment. It’s a captivating process to watch the caterpillars munch away and grow larger every day until eventually, after 2 to 3 weeks, they form chrysalis. The chrysalis stage will last 5 to 10 days, then delicate butterflies will emerge.
Usually, there are several chrysalis at a time, and if you check them daily, you will see the chrysalis beginning to shake. This is your sign that the butterfly will soon emerge, so stay close because you don’t want to miss seeing it happen.
Yes, your passion vine will have lots of leaves that have been consumed, but in the process, you’ve been able to witness this wondrous miracle of the butterfly life cycle over and over again right there in your yard!


By including both host plants and nectar plants in your garden, you can attract a wider selection of butterflies while providing an environment that supports their entire life cycle. Check out our Gardening Guide for more information on Butterfly Gardens in North Texas !