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Our Favorite Thing in the Gift Shop – Let the Chimes Ring Beaded Chimes

Posted on September, 05

We are excited about this new collection of chimes we’re carrying in the Gift Shop. They are an interesting mix of colorful glass beads, iron pieces in an eclectic assortment of dogs, cats, crosses, bird feeders, butterflies and more, and nana bells that add a soft gentle music.

The beads are all hand blown, and the iron pieces are hand cut, etched, and polished by a group of expert craftsmen who use a variety of tools for each piece. The Nana bells, originally used to keep track of cattle herds, are handcrafted and distinctive from any other type of bell from across the globe. For generations, a secret family formula has been used to smelt various metals for the bells. Then hand-hewn wood clappers are attached to each bell making them uniquely melodic.

Every one of these chimes is assembled by hand in India and each is a one of a kind work of art. They can be used indoors or out, and we think you’ll love their earthy beauty and the calming music they create.

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