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Fall 2020 Flower Fundraising Program

Posted on September, 18

Covington’s Nursery supports our local schools, organizations and non-profit groups by offering a flower fundraising program that is incredibly easy to administer. Our fundraisers are offered in the Spring and Fall on seasonal flowers, and you may participate in either or both fundraisers. We provide a package deal on annual flowers grown right here at Covington’s so your group can generate big profits!

The package entitles you to these benefits:
1. Special discounted pricing of $12.50 on 20-count flats of 4” pansies and ornamental cabbage and kale. This is 50% or more off of our regular retail price.
2. Minimum group order requirement is 100 flats
3. Up to 50 free color brochures of the flowers offered for fundraiser. Additional brochures are available for 23 cents each or you may print them yourself.
4. Master copy of multi-customer order form that may be customized with your group’s information.
5. Free Saturday morning delivery to your location in Rowlett. Delivery to other locations in the Dallas metro area is available at a cost of $3.50 per mile. Weekday delivery may be available upon request.

How the Program Works:
1. Your Group Fundraising Coordinator submits a Covington’s Fundraising Program Application and applicable tax exemption form. We confirm your group order due date and flower delivery date/time upon receipt of the application. Delivery dates are scheduled on a first-come; first-served basis. We require 4 weeks from receipt of your final order to grow your flowers before they are ready for delivery.
2. Your Group Coordinator schedules your fundraiser sales dates — Fall flowers can be sold any time from August to October for delivery dates beginning early October. Again, it takes 4 weeks from receipt of your final order to grow your flowers before they are ready for delivery.
3. Upon request, we provide Covington’s flower brochures, Multi-customer Order Form, and Group Order form. You can photocopy as many Multi-customer Order Forms as needed for your sales force, or you may create your own order form.
4. Your Fundraising Coordinator consolidates all orders for your group and submits to Covington’s on the Group Order Form which includes Payment Guarantee. No changes can be made to your final order after your Group Order Form has been received by Covington’s.
5. Your customers pay your group. Your group keeps the profits up front, and pays Covington’s within 10 days from the date we receive your Group Order. We will send invoice to your Fundraising Coordinator via email. Payment may be made by check or credit card. If paying with credit card, you may pay in person at our Wholesale Office, or complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and submit along with your Group Order to Covington’s so payment can be processed no later than 10 days after Group Order/billing date.
6. Covington’s delivers flowers to the Fundraiser Coordinator at the prearranged date/location. Flowers must be unloaded, counted, and amounts approved in writing by your Fundraising Coordinator before any flowers can be distributed to your customers.
7. Your group unloads flats of flowers from racks, then stages and distributes them to your customers. Please have a sufficient number of people present to handle these activities. Our driver is not responsible for unloading or separating orders.

Covington’s sells 20-count flats of our home grown pansies to retail customers for $25, but we’ll sell them for fundraisers for only $12.50 a flat. You decide how much profit you’ll make from your fundraiser because you set the price of the flats you sell. If you sell pansies for $25, your profit is $12.50 or 50% a flat! The regular retail price of our ornamental cabbage and kale is $30 a 20-count flat, so you can earn even more profit!

Follow These Easy Steps To Grow Your Fundraising Profits:
1. Once your fundraiser application (and tax form if applicable) has been submitted to Covington’s and you have received the flower brochures and forms, hold a fundraising kick-off meeting to set specific goals for individual and group fundraising sales. Explain to your sales team how their sales efforts will benefit your entire group/organization.
2. Distribute flower brochures and order forms. Review forms, plant offering on the brochure, prices, sales dates, order due dates, and delivery date and location.
3. Everyone wants blooming flowers in their yard so get out there and sell to your family, friends and community!
4. Be sure all forms are filled out legibly and completely. Completed order forms should be returned to your Fundraising Coordinator on time so the final group order can be submitted to Covington’s on time.
5. Your Fundraising Coordinator places the final order by submitting a completed Final Group Order Form to Covington’s Nursery by the predetermined order due date. Again, no changes can be made to your final order after your Final Group Order Form has been received by Covington’s.
6. When collecting payments, make certain all customer checks are made payable to your group, not to Covington’s Nursery. Your group keeps the profits up front and pays Covington’s in full for the plants within 10 days from the group order/billing date.
7. Covington’s will deliver your flowers to your Fundraising Coordinator at the pre-approved time/place.

Covington’s will make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction. All group orders are final and are subject to availability. If necessary, we will provide like substitutions if mutually agreed upon. Submit your order as early as possible for best selection.

Although we cannot offer the fundraiser package prices and delivery for group orders that fall short of 100 flats, we can provide discounted pricing of 30% off our regular retail price for orders of at least 55 flats of flowers available and on hand in our back growing area. Call Aurora in our Wholesale Office at 972-475-5888 Ext. 6 to pre-schedule a time for your group’s representative to come to Covington’s to pick your flowers up so you can distribute them to your customers.

Please contact Maria at (972) 475-5888 Ext. 111 or for more information about Covington’s Flower Fundraising Program.

CLICK HERE to visit our fundraising page for more information.