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Stunning New Air Plants are Here!

Posted on January, 10

Air plants (Tillandsia) come in many sizes and colors, and they can grow and thrive without soil. They’re perfect for want-to-be gardeners who tend to kill most other plants. If you are looking for a houseplant that doesn’t require much work, these air plants are for you.
Air plants look great in terrariums, driftwood, different shaped glasses/vases, baskets, metal buckets, shells, and just anywhere you want to add a little life. To hang on the wall, tie air plants to a piece of wood, wreath, or whatever you choose, with translucent fishing monofilament and a bit of sphagnum moss to hold moisture.

• Give them bright filtered light for excellent growth and blooms.
• Provide good air circulation.
• Water every other day unless you’ve given them a good soak recently. Use clean filtered drinking water (tap water is too harsh). Give your plants a little rainwater when possible. The moisture on air plants should evaporate within 4 hours; don’t let them sit in water.

Now sit back and enjoy your new unique plant!