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DIY Landscape Calculators for Mulch, Soil, and Flowers

Posted on June, 07

Did you know that we have Landscape Calculators on our website? These are great tools to help you determine how much mulch, topsoil, or bedding plants you need for your garden and landscape…and they are so simple!

Just click here or scroll down to the bottom of our home page to Landscape Calculators. For the Mulch and Soil Calculator, you’ll need to know the length and width (or square footage) of the landscape beds and how many inches deep you want your mulch or soil.

To decide how many flowers to plant, use the Bedding Plant Calculator. Again you’ll need to enter the length and width (or square footage) of the landscape beds, and then you’ll also enter how far apart you want each plant in inches. You’ll determine this based on how large the plant will grow and how full you want the beds to be. You can use this calculator for flowers, groundcover, even shrubs.

Our Landscape Calculators will take the guesswork out of mulching and planting and make planning your garden so much easier!