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Plant of The Week: Crape Myrtles Are a Great Addition to Your Landscape!

Posted on May, 24

Crape Myrtles are adored the world over for their charming color and fluffy blooms. These beauties have a long bloom duration, and will flower off and on throughout the summer in our North Texas heat and sun! Blooms come in a spectrum of colors, from whites to reds to purples, with tons of hues in between, and their foliage ranges from emerald greens to deep burgundy. We have many varieties and sizes for every landscape, ranging from 2′ tall groundcover, 3′ to 5′ tall shrubs,  up to 30′ tall trees. Shapes range from spreading to rounded, upright to weeping, and even vase-shaped. There is quite literally a crape myrtle for EVERY landscape! Plant these in full sun and water and fertilize regularly, but do NOT over-prune. Crapes only need light shaping, and the occasional removal of side shoots and intertwining branches,  that are the width of a pencil or less. If you only want your tree to be 5′ tall, buy one in that range; it’s not recommended to get a larger one and prune it down. Topping off crapes is terrible for the plant’s overall health and can lead to unsightly wounds and problems down the road. Just let them do their thing, and you’ll enjoy beautiful summer color for years to come!

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Natchez Crape Myrtle

Catawba Crape Myrtle