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Butterfly Gardening

Posted on May, 31

Butterflies are some of the most magnificent insects around, and we all love to watch as they flutter about from flower to flower. Many natural butterfly habitats have dwindled due to the building of homes, roads, and businesses, so a butterfly garden is an easy way to observe more butterflies while helping them out at the same time!
Encourage butterflies to visit your yard by planting various types of nectar-producing plants. This will create a veritable buffet for them to feast on. If you want to go a step further and help increase the overall number of butterflies, you can also grow “host” plants. Female butterflies lay eggs on specific host plants, and then the host plant becomes the food source for the emerging caterpillars that will eventually become butterflies.
Creating a butterfly garden is so rewarding for you and this graceful little creature— it’s a sweet little miracle that you can witness in your very own backyard!

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