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Ask Burton: Q: When should I fertilize my lawn and plants?

Posted on March, 24

A: Fertilize all of your plants now!  We’ve said it before, but the questions just keep pouring in about when to fertilize!  March is a key month to fertilize all of your plants….lawn, shrubs, trees, veggie garden, flowerpots, indoor plants…the works!  It ALL needs feeding, right now. Everything is growing, and plants don’t grow strongly without proper nutrition. We recommend our Covington’s brand fertilizers which were specially formulated for North Texas soils.

  • For the lawn, use our Covington’s Premium 21-7-14 fertilizer for the first feeding of the season, and switch to our all-nitrogen lawn fertilizer for subsequent feedings in the year.
  • Use Covington’s Tree & Shrub Fertilizer on all common trees, shrubs, and ground cover beds.
  • Feed your flowers, veggies and herbs with Covington’s Premium Flower & Garden Fertilizer.

Your plants will thank you!

Burton specializes in diagnosing and solving plant problems. If you have a question for Burton, please email him at and include photos showing the problem.