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Ask Burton: Q: This week, we want to remind people that time is moving; there’s some things to do BEFORE we get cold.

Posted on November, 09

A: Please try to plant winter color as soon as possible!

Your summer and fall flowers may look outstanding right now, but don’t be swayed. It’s important to get your cool season flowers in while we still have a few weeks of milder weather! Pansies are the kings of winter color, and they’ll grow faster and fill in better planted now than if you wait for your existing flowers to fade or freeze. It’s the difference between planting a bed of color that blooms but never really fills in solidly before March and having great looking color for most of the winter.

Yes, this means rip out the existing, pretty flowers. It’s in a good cause, we promise!

Additionally, how you feed your flowers changes in the winter. Not all fertilizers release properly in cool soil and cold weather. Mixtures of blood and bone meal are the traditional fertilizer for this time of year and do an excellent job. For those who want a fertilizer that isn’t so messy or longer lasting, our own Covington’s Flower & Garden fertilizer is perfect for the job. Plant your pansies with whichever of these choices you prefer – a generous teaspoon per planting hole will feed your flowers for six to eight weeks in the case of blood meal, or upwards of three months using our Flower and Garden.