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Ask Burton: Q: How can I keep weeds from coming up in my lawn grass during the fall and winter?

Posted on September, 12

A: You can apply pre-emergent herbicides right now before the weeds sprout! It is very important that you do this immediately to prevent fall and winter weeds in your lawn.

Apply Dimension pre-emergent herbicide granules at the rate of a 35 pound bag per 7,500 square feet to prevent the vast majority of all of your fall germinating grassy weeds before they start.  Regular applications of Dimension every February, May, and September will give you a lawn that’s almost completely free of grassy weeds, meaning your sweat and time can be spent on better things each season.

For additional protection, also apply Gallery pre-emergent at the rate of 10 pounds per 2,000 square feet of lawn area to effectively stop broad leafed weeds (dandelions, clover, etc.) as well.

You can apply these products throughout September, but do it this week for the best results, and your weed control job will be drastically easier. Once the weeds have sprouted, it’s too late to control them this way, and they’ll start sprouting very soon! The alternatives to using pre-emergent herbicides include hand weeding and spot-spraying with Kill-zall or Roundup this fall.