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Amberly’s Plant Pick of the Week – Hardy Hibiscus

Posted on June, 24

Feast your eyes on the dramatic blooms of this Hardy Hibiscus, which, like Amberly, is overflowing with personality! That’s why it’s her Plant Pick of the Week. We just received some from the Luna Series and Honeymoon Series, and they are ready to explode with flowers in shades of white, pink, and red! Unlike their tropical cousins, Hardy Hibiscus are perennial, and can be planted in the ground here in North Texas. Both varieties will stay under 3 feet tall, and constantly show off their 8-inch blooms from summer into fall. Pollinators LOVE these guys, so keep your eye out for butterflies and hummingbirds. Hardy Hibiscus need full sun, with plenty of water, but very good-draining soil. They’ll become more drought-tolerant once established. Keep your hibiscus mulched for protection from heat and cold, and cut it back in late winter/early spring for a summer spectacle that’s as dramatic, showy and colorful as Amberly is!

Luna White                                                       Luna Rose 



Honeymoon Deep Red                                        Honeymoon Light Rose