Monthly Gardening Tips

Monthly Gardening Tips

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KEEP WATERING! September Gardening Tips

September, 01

September is here, and we’re all looking forward to Fall, but it’s still HOT in Texas and you still need to be watering regularly and frequently! It’s time to…

Water, Water, WATER your Yard!!! August Gardening Tips

July, 28

August has arrived and the heat is on, so be sure to give your trees and plants adequate water to keep them healthy! See our August Gardening Tips

Watering, Mosquito Control, and Other July Gardening Tips

June, 30

Summer’s here and temperatures have heated up, so please be sure to give your plants adequate water so they thrive…and you protect your investment!

Don’t let mosquitoes put a damper…

Mulch Flower/Landscape Beds Now! June Gardening Tips

June, 02

We’ve already experienced some hot days and Summer will officially be here soon, so it’s time to prepare for our hottest season by top dressing your landscape and flower beds with…

Plant Colorful Spring Flowers Now……May Gardening Tips

April, 30

May is a great month for gardening and getting your landscape looking pretty so you can spend more time enjoying it. Check out our May Gardening Tips for…

It’s Time for Spring Planting! April Gardening Tips

March, 31

Spring has officially sprung and this beautiful spring weather says it’s time to get out in those gardens!  Check our April Gardening Tips for what to plant, prune,…

Feed your Shrubs & Trees Please! March Gardening Tips

March, 02

Now that March has arrived and the weather is warming up, we all want to be outside tidying up around the yard and getting our lawn and landscape looking…

February Gardening Tips

February, 04

Get some of your veggies in the ground now, and put down your pre-emergent to fight weeds before they can grow! Check our February Gardening Tips here.

Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now! January Gardening Tips

December, 31

It’s a new year full of gardening opportunities. If you haven’t already, plant daffodils and chilled tulip and hyacinth bulbs now so you can enjoy their bright perky flowers that…

Take advantage of cool weather to finish your landscape plantings! December Gardening Tips

December, 03

You can still plant in December! Our ground doesn’t freeze, so you can plant year-round. This is still a great time to get cool-season flowers, shrubs, and trees in…