Monthly Gardening Tips

Monthly Gardening Tips

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Take advantage of cool weather to finish your landscape plantings! December Gardening Tips

November, 29

You can still plant in December! Our ground doesn’t freeze, so you can plant year-round. This is still a great time to plant trees and shrubs, allowing your plants more…

Mulch now to help your plants….and it looks pretty too! November Gardening Tips

October, 30

The hot months are behind us, and since NOW is the BEST time to plant, hopefully you are planting your trees and shrubs so they can get established before next…

Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now! January Gardening Tips

December, 27

It’s a new year full of gardening opportunities. If you haven’t already, plant daffodils, chilled tulips, and hyacinth bulbs now so you can enjoy their bright, perky flowers that will…

February Gardening Tips

February, 04

Get some of your veggies in the ground now, and put down your pre-emergent to fight weeds before they can grow! Check our February Gardening Tips here.