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Ask Burton: This week, a question of Fruit Tree spraying Q: Last year, my peaches all had worms inside – I didn’t get very many of them. How do I stop this from happening again this year?

March, 17

A: It’s time to spray. For the best results, most fruit trees should be sprayed at specific times of year to prevent many of the issues common to them.…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re talking about the upcoming lawn fertilization. Our lawns need a good feeding to do their best, but it’s quite possible to overdo things. The best way to do things right is to know where you’re starting from! Q: I have a St. Augustine lawn and last year, fungus ate my yard. Obviously, this is not ideal. How do I fix things properly, and make sure this does not continue to happen?

March, 10

A: St. Augustine is a vigorous turf grass that likes moderate fertilization; overdoing the fertilizer makes it prone to disease and insect issues. Here are a few things to…

Ask Burton: Q: What do I need to do to get my yard looking good for the spring?

March, 02

A: As we roll into March, there are a few things we all need to do in the yard to keep it in its best look. Here’s a quick…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re talking about an issue that affects many of our customers, but particularly those who may have had to remove trees due to the powerful storms of the past year. And it’s an issue that’s affected more than one tree planting we’ve had of late.

February, 24

When a mature tree must be removed, it leaves behind a massive block of wood in the ground and a stump in the yard. This isn’t an unsolvable problem.…

Ask Burton: Q: Can you tell me how to prune roses properly…I have bush roses and climbers.

February, 18

The normal rule of thumb for all bush-form roses is to cut them back by roughly half this time of year. Prune all roses back with a sharp pair…

Ask Burton: Q: I was tilling a piece of my vegetable garden and I kept finding white grubs in the bed. I must have come across a dozen in the time I was tilling my garden, which is 4’x20′. What can I do to treat for them before they become a problem?

February, 10

A: This is one of those answers I enjoy giving, as the correct answer is to not do anything at all.

White grubs are immature June bugs, and while…

Ask Burton: This week, our regular February reminder about controlling weeds in the lawn!

February, 03

We strongly recommend applying pre-emergent herbicides from now through early March to stop the majority of the spring weeds before they trouble your lawn! Our Dimension herbicide will stop…

Ask Burton: Q: I planted a vegetable garden last year, but certain crops didn’t produce well. I think it’s because the bees didn’t come since I had great looking squash plants that flowered, but just never made worth mentioning. How can I get the bees to visit around my vegetable garden?

January, 27

A: There’s more than one thing to look at for an answer. First of all, we commonly have to spray squash to keep the squash bugs from destroying them.…

Ask Burton: Q: I have about 30 feet of space in my back yard, and I’d love to put in some fruit trees, but I need some help on selection.

January, 20

A: Most urban gardeners don’t have loads of space to plant fruit trees, so choosing the right ones to give you production is crucial. The first thing to keep…

Ask Burton: This week, a question about one of our favorite vegetable garden crops. Q: I plant onions every year and I just can’t get them to grow as large as I want. How can I do better?

January, 13

A: There are several things which can help. We’re going to go over how to do this in your existing vegetable garden.

Prepare the planting area where you intend…