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Ask Burton: Q: I have two live oaks in my front yard that were planted 6 years ago. When they were planted, they were both three-inch diameter trees. One has grown robustly, it’s somewhere between seven and eight inches through the trunk now. My other live oak might have grown half as much and doesn’t look nearly as good. The trees are getting the same water, fertilizer, and light. Can you tell me why this one is having a problem growing?

September, 19

A: There are other possible answers, but a very likely answer is a buried root flare. Look closely at the base of the trunk where it meets the soil…

Ask Burton: Q: How can I keep weeds from coming up in my lawn grass during the fall and winter?

September, 12

A: You can apply pre-emergent herbicides right now before the weeds sprout! It is very important that you do this immediately to prevent fall and winter weeds in your…

Ask Burton: Q: My indoor ivy is getting pale and weak, and doesn’t look at all good. What is going on with it?

August, 21

A: Your plant has spider mite damage. This tiny pest can do a lot of damage, and they are troublesome to a number of plants, including ivies in low…

ASK BURTON: Q: We planted this Japanese maple in the spring. It just recently began looking distressed with some brown leaves. The tree is getting full morning sun but nothing past noon. Is there anything I can do to help it?

August, 14

 A: Your plant is showing some heat stress getting established this first summer, but you haven’t done anything wrong in its maintenance. Japanese maples are one of our most…

ASK BURTON: Q: How can I ensure that my irrigation system is working properly and that I am getting the most from my “watering dollar”?

July, 27

A. Sprinkler systems make our lives as gardeners much easier, but they’re not a panacea for all ills. In particular, more is not always better. Here are a few…

ASK BURTON Q: Is there anything I can spray to kill dallisgrass in my lawn?

June, 28

A: There is, but it’s not as easy as it was ten years ago. I know, that doesn’t sound right, but it’s true. We used to have an herbicide…