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Now Is The Time for Pre-emergent Herbicide!

Posted on January, 30

February is the month to put out pre-emergent herbicides to stop the vast majority of weed seeds before they become troublesome this spring.

Stop crabgrass, dallisgrass, annual bluegrass, and other grassy weeds with an application of Hi-Yield Dimension at the rate of a 35# bag per 7,500 square feet; you can additionally head off dandelions, clover, and other broad leaf weeds by applying ferti-lome Gallery, using one 10# bag per 2,000 square feet.

Seriously, this is the best thing you can do to head off loads of work or an unsightly lawn later this season. Grassy weed control is harder after the weeds sprout. but one application of pre-emergent herbicide now, backed up with another application in early May, will turn a tough lawn challenge into a trivial one.

See our February Gardening Tips for what else you can to do in your garden and landscape this month including what can be planted (trees, shrubs, flowers, veggies, etc).

If you’d prefer to have professionals apply the pre-emergent herbicide for you, and kill any existing weeds so that your lawn is ready for spring, you can trust Covington’s Lawn & Garden Services team to do the job right.  Contact Brent Paulus today at 972-475-5888 ext. 200 for a free quote for all of your lawn care needs.

Our services also include insect and disease control, and fertilization for lawn and landscapes.  We have already begun applying pre-emergents and fire ant control treatments for the 2018 season.