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Ask Burton: Q: Can you tell me how to prune roses properly…I have bush roses and climbers.

February, 19

The normal rule of thumb for all bush-form roses is to cut them back by roughly half this time of year. Prune all roses back with a sharp pair…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at one of our favorite herbs, often used in the landscape. Q: I planted rosemary in a sunny bed last year, but it died out last fall. The bed gets sprinkler water twice a week, so I know it didn’t dry out – and it did fine all last summer. Any ideas on what happened, and how to avoid it happening again?

February, 12

A: Last year, the weather is your likely explanation, especially if you had your sprinkler on last fall. Rosemary, like many other herbs like oregano and thyme, likes to…

Ask Burton: Q: I planted a vegetable garden last year, but certain crops didn’t produce well. I think it’s because the bees didn’t come since I had great looking squash plants that flowered, but just never made worth mentioning. How can I get the bees to visit around my vegetable garden?

February, 05

A: There’s more than one thing to look at for an answer. First of all, we commonly have to spray squash to keep the squash bugs from destroying them.…

Ask Burton: This week, a question about one of our favorite vegetable garden crops. Q: I plant onions every year and I just can’t get them to grow as large as I want. How can I do better?

January, 29

A: There are several things which can help. We’re going to go over how to do this in your existing vegetable garden.

Prepare the planting area where you intend…

Ask Burton: Q: I have room for a few fruit trees in my back yard, but I need some help on selection – I have about thirty feet of row to work with.

January, 23

A: Most urban gardeners don’t have loads of space to plant fruit trees, so choosing the right ones to give you production is crucial. The first thing to keep…

Ask Burton: Q: When preparing to plant onions in my garden, I noticed a lot of fire ant mounds. I don’t want ant bites, and don’t want them to hurt my onions? How can I get rid of them without using pesticides?

January, 15

A: I’ve had the occasional mound of fire ants in my onion patches and there’s never much of a noticeable effect, but fire ants are not loved by anyone.…

Ask Burton: Q: When can we start planting veggies in our garden?

January, 08

A: Now is the time to start planting some of your early-season vegetables!  Here are the first things to plant:

• Onions  – Plant sets directly in to the…

Ask Burton: This week, a question of plant hardiness. Q: Can I still plant when it’s this cold?

January, 02

A: Absolutely. Overall, we don’t get THAT cold, and if a plant is cold hardy enough to tolerate our winter normally, it’s still likely just fine in-ground now, even…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at soil, and how you should treat your trees versus the rest of the landscape. Q: I have a new flowerbed that I want to thrive on the west side of my home, and I also want to plant a tree nearby to eventually provide shade in the afternoon. How should I prepare the soil for these?

December, 20

A: If there’s one thing that unites almost all our Metroplex area gardeners, it’s a near universal dislike of the black clay that most of us have to deal…

Ask Burton: This week, a mention of a common issue we’ve been hearing a lot of, lately. Q: I have new Eastern red cedars which are turning an odd color right now – the leaves are still pliable, but it’s getting darker colored, almost grey or reddish-brown in some places. Not all of my red cedars are doing this – I have a number of them on my property but it’s sporadically happening along my row. Is there something I can do to fix this?

December, 18

A: Happily, no fix is necessary. Many plants show a bronzing of foliage when they’re exposed to cold. Eastern red cedars color this way, and it’s variable from individual…