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Ask Burton: Q: I have about 30 feet of space in my back yard, and I’d love to put in some fruit trees, but I need some help on selection.

January, 20

A: Most urban gardeners don’t have loads of space to plant fruit trees, so choosing the right ones to give you production is crucial. The first thing to keep…

Ask Burton: This week, a question about one of our favorite vegetable garden crops. Q: I plant onions every year and I just can’t get them to grow as large as I want. How can I do better?

January, 13

A: There are several things which can help. We’re going to go over how to do this in your existing vegetable garden.

Prepare the planting area where you intend…

Ask Burton: Q: When can we start planting veggies in our garden?

January, 07

A: Now is the time to start planting some of your early-season vegetables!  Here are the first things to plant:

• Onions  – Plant sets directly in to the…

Ask Burton: This week, a question of plant hardiness. Q: Can I still plant when it’s this cold?

December, 31

A: Absolutely. Overall, we don’t get THAT cold, and if a plant is cold hardy enough to tolerate our winter normally, it’s still likely just fine in-ground now, even…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at soil, and how you should treat your trees versus the rest of the landscape. Q: I have a new flowerbed that I want to thrive on the west side of my home, and I also want to plant a tree nearby to eventually provide shade in the afternoon. How should I prepare the soil for these?

December, 23

A: If there’s one thing that unites almost all our Metroplex area gardeners, it’s a near universal dislike of the black clay that most of us have to deal…

Ask Burton: This week, a mention of a common issue we’ve been hearing a lot of, lately. Q: I have new Eastern red cedars which are turning an odd color right now – the leaves are still pliable, but it’s getting darker colored, almost grey or reddish-brown in some places. Not all of my red cedars are doing this – I have a number of them on my property but it’s sporadically happening along my row. Is there something I can do to fix this?

December, 17

A: Happily, no fix is necessary. Many plants show a bronzing of foliage when they’re exposed to cold. Eastern red cedars color this way, and it’s variable from individual…

Ask Burton: This week, a fun question from a customer cleaning out beds. Q: I planted potato vine in my front flowerbed this summer, and as I’m cleaning it out and prepping the soil for pansies, I am finding I have almost a full wheelbarrow of what look to be perfectly normal sweet potatoes! Are these safe to eat – like buying them at the grocery store?

December, 09

A: The potato vine we sell as a pretty ornamental for your beds is a true sweet potato! The tubers left by this plant are technically edible, and would…

Ask Burton: Q: This week, rather than a question, we’re sharing a reminder about timely tasks…and one that’s already past time. Let’s see if we can fit it all in, preferably on a mild weather day!

December, 03

• We still have customers coming to the nursery asking for pre-emergent herbicides, but it’s just too late for them to do much right now. Please apply your pre-emergent…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at your tender plantings in pots, and how to protect them this time of year. Q: How do I over-winter my potted houseplants that normally live on my back porch during the warmer months?

November, 26

A:  Hopefully you’ve already pulled them inside, or else you’ve already lost them this season since we’ve experienced freezing weather.  Here are some pointers to keep your plants healthy…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at color for a shady porch – not the easiest thing to do in the cool season. Q: I have a shady covered porch on the north side of my home, and I really want some color for the winter. What can I do? Pansies never thrive well, and I’m pretty sure it’s too dark.

November, 18

A: Color in shady areas in winter is difficult! It takes a lot of energy to put out a lot of nice blooms, and you just aren’t getting enough,…