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Ask Burton: This week, a fun question from a customer cleaning out beds. Q: I planted potato vine in my front flowerbed this summer, and as I’m cleaning it out and prepping the soil for pansies, I am finding I have almost a full wheelbarrow of what look to be perfectly normal sweet potatoes! Are these safe to eat – like buying them at the grocery store?

December, 09

A: The potato vine we sell as a pretty ornamental for your beds is a true sweet potato! The tubers left by this plant are technically edible, and would…

Ask Burton: Q: This week, rather than a question, we’re sharing a reminder about timely tasks…and one that’s already past time. Let’s see if we can fit it all in, preferably on a mild weather day!

December, 03

• We still have customers coming to the nursery asking for pre-emergent herbicides, but it’s just too late for them to do much right now. Please apply your pre-emergent…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at your tender plantings in pots, and how to protect them this time of year. Q: How do I over-winter my potted houseplants that normally live on my back porch during the warmer months?

November, 26

A:  Hopefully you’ve already pulled them inside, or else you’ve already lost them this season since we’ve experienced freezing weather.  Here are some pointers to keep your plants healthy…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at color for a shady porch – not the easiest thing to do in the cool season. Q: I have a shady covered porch on the north side of my home, and I really want some color for the winter. What can I do? Pansies never thrive well, and I’m pretty sure it’s too dark.

November, 18

A: Color in shady areas in winter is difficult! It takes a lot of energy to put out a lot of nice blooms, and you just aren’t getting enough,…

ASK BURTON: Q: I had a Chinese Pistache planted in my yard a few years back, and I have a question about how it colors for the fall. My neighbor has one in their yard and it gets great orange and reddish color, but mine has been unimpressive, turning yellow and orange but not much red color. Any idea why this is so different?

November, 11

A: Fall color questions are one of those types of questions where there probably isn’t one single reason, but several factors which can contribute to how well a particular…

Ask Burton Q: What do I need to do now to prepare my yard for the cold weather ahead?

November, 04

A: While the weather’s still nice, it is time to plan ahead for later in the month. Get a few garden tasks done now, and you won’t have to…

Ask Burton: This week, a simple, easy answer to a number of minor landscape issues. Q: My established Crape Myrtles are showing damaged leaves (brown around the edges), my Redbud leaves are showing many small, blackish flecks, and my Japanese maples really took a hammering this summer, with many burned looking leaves. What should I do to help these plants?

October, 29

A: This being the end of October, I can start giving my favorite solution to many of these issues:

Don’t worry, and don’t do a thing.
The Crape…

Ask Burton – This week, a question about which plants do well around here, and which do not. Q: I have a narrow, upright area in full sun where I need a plant that’s narrow and quite tall. I was looking for ‘Sky Pencil’ holly and ‘Green Giant’ arborvitae, because they’re supposed to do that. Do you have them in stock?

October, 22

A: I mention these two plants in particular because they’re the most-asked for plants that we intentionally don’t stock. We’ve tried them before, but neither take the summer heat…

Ask Burton: This week, a quick rundown on a favorite early spring flower. Q: I would like to plant tulips for a pretty show this spring. I’ve tried them before but my blooms were stunted and not all that showy. How can I do better?

October, 14

A: Tulips are one of the showiest flowers of the late winter and early spring, but you do need to know a few things to get the best show…

Ask Burton: This week, we’re looking at a pest problem that’s often misunderstood. Q: I have white blobs growing on the leaves of several of my plants – hollies, euonymus, and crapemyrtles. Are these some sort of fungus, and how do I treat them?

October, 07

A: These white growths are not a fungus, but scale insects; small crawling pests that stay in place, and don’t look much like an insect. The damage these pests…